Our Recent projects

Modimolle WWTW


7 KLD WWTW installed at the premises of Bush Lodge located in Modimolle Local Municipality. Closest town is Nulstroom.

The venue can host up to 120 guests, accommodating 80 overnight guests (excluding campsites).

The wastewater from the whole Lodge flows into the balancing tank located next to above ground WWTW. Submersible pump pumps raw wastewater into the mixing chamber where bin for solid waste is located. Such system servers the purposes of mechanical purification stage. Futher process goes as s standard Combined Water installation. Treated water purified with UV units. Control panel installed next to WWTW. Therefore process is fully automated and works on a delay of each stage from each other. Time laps are determined during commissioning individually for each project.

Each item of mechanical equipment has a stand by unit in order to prevent failure in process.

Plant is located next to water source to allow discharge into the river. However, the treated water is used for irrigation purposes.

Sludge is collected in sludge stacker. Further possible use of sludge for fertilizer is considered at the moment.

Swartfontein WWTW


3600 LD WWTW has been recently constructed at Swartfontein recreation facilities. New wastewater treatment works falls as a part of new housing development and located at the lowest point of the area in order to provide gravity feed to the inlet works.

Balancing tanks is used as a pump station in order to pump sewages into the process. Sufficient 4 500 lt capacity have been chosen in order to provide extra volume in case of failure at the electricity supply system.

10 000 lt water storage tank was installed as a part of accumulated water capacity that can be used for irrigation of treated water.

Each item of mechanical equipment has a stand by unit. Treated water goes through the stage of ultraviolet disinfection before discharge.


Bestwood WWTW


CW Systems (Pty) Ltd have been appointed for design and construction of the 1 MLD WWTW at Bestwood Estate. The plant was intended to comply with the Special Limit under GN 665. The biological pond has been constructed in order to store the treated water for irrigation purposes. Handling capacity was estimated on 3 000 m3. At the moment the concrete structure was finished, structural steel has been delivered on site but project have been stopped due to the independent reason.

The new design on enclosed inlet works have been invented at Bestwood WWTW. The total capacity is able to handle the flow of 3 mega litres daily.

The boundary of the construction site was limited to 100 x 100 m. That area was sufficient to construct 3 independent WWTW in sequence of 1 MLD (in middle), 2 MLD WWTW on a left as well as right side of this first building. Provision for extra biological pond has been made in order to handle total storage capacity of 6 ML.

Bestwood Pump Station


CW Systems obtained the mechanical design as well as automation of the main sewer pump station located at Bestwood Estate. The design have been obtained is such a way that to ensure that the operation of the pump station and WWTW will be synchronised. Provision for extra pump and fittings was made in original design in order to accomplish future increase of dwellings.

The pump has a separate dry sump with counter-rotating dual-shaft grinder (in line configuration, 2 in parallel) supplied by Centex. The main wet sump has 2 horizontal centrifugal pumps with 75kW motors each.

Bestwood Booster Pump Stations


Due to the water shortages, Bestwood State invested into the water storage systems extracted from the boreholes.

Ground water from the borehole is pumped via booster pump into the storage system presented by 4interconnected reinforced plastic tanks. Each tank has storage capacity of 10 000lt. Therefore maximum accumulated volume is 40 000lt.

Storage water is used for domestic need and pumping depends on demand. Water will be pumped for 18 hours daily via set of 2 pumps. Each of them is designed to handle 6l/s maximum flow. There is a return water pipeline to adjust the flow as required. It works together with level switch installed in one of the tanks as well as control valve on return water pipeline to control the pumping and feeding of the water into the system. Flow switch is installed on a pipeline feeding the water into the water supply system.

Arnot Power Station


Arnot Power Station has a private WWTW. The initial design capacity of WWTW is 1.8 MLD. CW Systems have obtained intensive hydraulic study in order to determine the actual flows. The scope of work included the investigation into the availability and reliability of all equipment and components at the sewage works, including civil, electrical reticulation, control and instrumentation and mechanical plant.



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